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General Information

Senior Olympics is amateur athletic competition for men and women ages 50 and over. The state games are held every year, at rotating sites around the state. The games are usually hosted by the regional games organizers, on a two year cycle.

The state games held in even numbered years (2014, 2016, etc.) act as the state's qualifying competition for the National Senior Games, which are held in odd numbered years (2015, 2017, etc.).


Events in the State Games

The annual state games offer the sporting events that comprise the National Senior Games event menu. In years when athletes are NOT qualifying for national competition, the menu of sports offered may be include fewer events. Additionally, the hosts of the state games MAY choose to offer additional events that are not part of the National Senior Games event menu; this is entirely at the discretion of the state games organizers.


Who Can Compete in the State Games

The Ohio Senior Olympics State Games are open to all athletes who are age 50 and over in the year of competition. Ohio welcomes both athletes who live in the state and those who live outside of the state at its state games.

The state does not have qualifying criteria to compete at the state games. Athletes are encouraged, but not required, to participate in one of Ohio's regional competitions prior to competing in the state games.


Protest Policy

The Board of Ohio Senior Olympics approved a Protest Policy that went into effect beginning with the 2009 State Games and that applies to every state games competition after. The policy outlines the proper process for athletes to follow if they want to dispute the results of their competition during the state games. The Protest Policy is available on the Resources page.


Athlete Code of Conduct

Ohio Senior Olympics expects that all athletes will conduct themselves in an appropriate and sportsman-like manner while competing in regional and state competitions.

To make certain that all athletes and comply with the expectations, the board of Ohio Senior Olympics approved an Athlete Code of Conduct that provides information about appropriate behavior and the consequences of displaying inappropriate behavior.

Athletes are expected to read and Athlete Code of Conduct BEFORE their competition to ensure each understands our expectations before, during and after competition. The Athlete Code of Conduct is available on the Resources page.


State Games in 2016

Ohio Senior Olympic State Games Registration is now open!

To register for the 2016 Ohio Senior Olympics State Games, visit the State Games Registration web site.

The 2016 Ohio Senior Olympics state games will be hosted by the Central Ohio Senior Games, in and around the Columbus area. The schedule for the games is available on the 2016 State Games Schedule Page.

The 2016 Ohio Senior Olympics State Games will be the qualifying games in Ohio for the 2017 National Senior Games to be held in Birmingham Alabama, June 2-15, 2017.

State Games Results

Looking for results from the state games competition? Check out the State Games Results page for results from 2008, 2010 and 2012 State Games. We are working to get the 2013 and 2014 results posted and appreciate your patience.

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